George M. Taber


Chasing Gold is the untold exciting tale of how the Nazis stole
more than 700 tons of gold worth $8.7 billion dollars at current
value to finance their war machine. The vast majority was robbed
from central banks, but a large amount also came from gold
looted from Jews especially from concentration camp inmates.

Judgment of Paris is the story of the comeback of California
wine from the disaster of Prohibition to the victory in 1976 of
Napa wines at a tasting in Paris, where nine of France’s most
esteemed judges scored a California red and a white as better
than the best France had to offer.

At the same time when the prices of wines are higher than ever,
the price and quality of bargain wines are better than ever.
A Toast to Bargain Wines examines this seeming contradiction
and the people who are moving and shaking the little known
world of inexpensive wines. The book also recommends more
than 400 wines to try.

To Cork or Not to Cork looks at the most hotly discussed issue in
the wine business today: how should wineries seal the bottle?
Cork has been used for nearly two millennia, but is now being
challenged as never before.


In Search of Bacchus looks at the twelve best wine tourism
destinations around the world, including both the famous
(Bordeaux) and the less well known (Central Otago, New Zealand).
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